2022 Mime Festival News


    We’re back, live!

    London International Mime Festival 2022 will run from Wed 12 Jan – Sun 6 Feb with 15 productions including 7 festival co-commissions*, in 8 London venues.

    Full details will be announced when this website goes live on Wednesday 13 October.

    Here’s what’s coming:

    Barely Methodical Troupe – KIN
    JD Broussé – (le) PAIN*
    Charmaine Childs – POWER
    Compagnie 111 – aSH
    Gandini Juggling – LIFE*
    Nikki Rummer – UNBROKEN*
    Nikki & JD – KNOT
    Opposable Thumb – BIG BOYS DON’T CRY*
    Sadiq Ali – THE CHOSEN HARAM
    Stereoptik – STELLAIRE
    String Theatre – THE RED BALLOON
    The PappyShow – WHAT DO YOU SEE?*
    Theatre Re – BLUEBELLE*
    Thick & Tight – SHORT & SWEET*
    Vanishing Point – INTERIORS

    5 Short Films commissioned from international artists:
    Delgado Fuchs (Switzerland)
    Dewey Dell (Italy)
    Gabriela Muñoz (Mexico)
    Patrick Sims (France/USA)
    Hiroaki Umeda (Japan)

    Plus film screenings and artist discussions, and mix of live and online workshops led by Angela de Castro, Avner Eisenberg, David Glass, John Mowat, Chris Pirie/Green Ginger, Guillaume Pigé/Theatre Re, Nola Rae, The PappyShow, Vamos Theatre and Steve Wasson & Corinne Soum/Théâtre de l’Ange Fou,

    For full programme with all details – check back here on 13 October.

    Helen Lannaghan & Joseph Seelig Festival Directors

    main photo: Vanishing Point INTERIORS photo ©Tim Morozzo

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